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How Golf Can Improve Your Mental Health

Earlier this month, on October 10th, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. Like most people, I didn’t immediately connect the dots between mental health and golf. I’ve played the game since I was 8 years old and was always told it was a “mental game” but never thought about it as being mentally healthy. While I won’t get into the details and facts surrounding mental health in this blog, I would like to shed some light on a few health benefits found through playing my favorite sport.

Whether it’s a short 9 holes, a destination 18 with a group of buddies or a local pitch and put, you’d be surprised how impactful golf really is. The following is a list of health benefits directly related to playing golf. Enjoy!

1.       Making Friends: It is very common for Single or even 2 Player tee times to get paired up with other golfers on busy days. Building new relationships with people and making new friends builds your inner circle. Being a part of the golfing community as a whole makes people feel included and involved in something bigger than themselves. Often times clubs, both private and public host events for golfers to come out, meet new people and have a good time!

2.       Fitness: Walking the course has its obvious health benefits. You can burn over 1,500 calories from playing 18 holes and the constant swinging motion strengthens muscles that your body doesn’t normally use. The exercise aspect of golf is no different than spending time walking on a treadmill – it releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings and boost self-esteem (especially when you hit it just right).

3.       Embrace Nature: Being outside in nature is relaxing for your mind and improves cognitive function in your brain. This can leave to improved work performance and concentration.

4.       Stress Level: Golf Can reduce stress by 3.3%

5.       Depression: 6.4% of golfers feel less depressed.

6.       Anxiety: Golf can reduce anxiety levels by 6.4%

Facts found above were gathered from Your Golf Travel. Get the full scope on the article below