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Why I Fall Fore Golf

As the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to change I want to welcome in the Fall season by sharing some of the reasons why I fall fore golf.  For starters, I enjoy being around the game so much that I made it my career.

The People

Someone once said about baseball that the real action happens between pitches, my interpretation is that they were speaking about the interaction of the spectators.  Golf is virtually the same. I’ve found that you can spend hours with someone in a relaxed environment and learn more about a person in a round of golf than years spent during casual dinners and days in the office.  There is a high amount of time between shots where you can learn about your playing companions.  The game will bring out your true character, and you will see how you and other people act and react to challenging situations.

Sport for life

“Happiness is a long walk with a putter” – Greg Norman.

Throughout the years I have enjoyed playing with many groups of people varying in age. When I was in my twenties I routinely played with people in their seventies.  I was given advice and taught lessons that I apply in my life today.  I’m hard-pressed to think of an activity where everyone can play together regardless of age, strength and natural ability.  When I retire I want to play daily!

The competition

Stroke play, match play, foursome, 2 v 2, four ball, the list goes on and on! One of the best things about the game of golf is that you can play with people that have different abilities and still come-up with a fair game.  Even if they do not want to participate competitively, you are always competing against the course and yourself.

Being outside

There is nothing better than getting outside and getting some physical and mental stimulation.

The frustration

The game cannot be mastered, even when you are playing well, in your mind you could always shave strokes off of your score.  Hitting a great drive only to hit the worst approach shot of the day.  It is amazing how often I routinely walk off a green shaking my head at what just happened, telling myself “you have to be kidding!”  All I want to do is play the hole again because I know I can improve.

Giving back

The PGA Tour gives more to charity in a year, than the other 4 major sports combined.  Once you start adding up all the charity golf outings it is amazing how golf supports people in need and worthy causes.  If this is the year you want to raise money for a charity near and dear to your heart, contact us we will help you exceed your dreams of a great event. 

Hitting it pure

Oh what a feeling, I’ve found the secret, God please let me be able to repeat it!  It may be the only good shot I hit all day but I know I have it in me.  “Can I clear the water hazard 250 yards away? Heck yes!” My reasoning – I’ve done it before, I can do it again. There’s simply no better feeling than when I hit the ball just right.

Daily variation

Even if you play the same course every day it is never the same: course conditions change, the wind is different, the hole location is moved, and the hole length can be altered depending on weather factors.  It is never the same, and unfortunately, neither is my swing.

Watching golf on T.V.

There is something exciting about watching golf on T.V. especially if you have played the venue in the past.  I would sign-up for softball if we could play at Wrigley Field, what a great place to hang-out after the game. 

It’s Fun

Try not to smile when you make a long putt, hit it close or bomb it down the fairway, It is nearly impossible!